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Captain Chris Donato is now back in SAMOA! We took some time to travel with Southern Destiny and after spending time fishing the other south pacific islands and a year fishing in Vanuatu we are ready to put you on the fish back in the beautiful Polynesian islands of Samoa. We are still the same tournament winning boat and the same organization that has broken records and consistently found the fish throughout the South Seas.

There is no better time then now to fish with well known and season tested, Captain Chris Donato. Chris is a 100 ton US Coastguard Master Captain who has traveled and fished several fishing hot spots and has spent many years fishing in and around the Polynesian and recently Melanesian islands of the south pacific. He has experienced different techniques and skills used in other fisheries and is prepared with a bag of tricks that will makes sure to put you in the best possible place to be on the fish. We can accommodate first time novice fisherman as well as expert anglers looking for IGFA World records,national records,line class records or personal records. There is no goal to far for us, we do ask you be specific if you have a certain kind of fishing in mind or a personal goal you would like to achieve.

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My opinion, and this is based on longline catch reports and different scenarios I have seen, is that Samoa and some of the other pacific islands are where these marlin come to spawn. Warm water, plenty of food and proximity to major currents makes it an ideal places to spawn. This explains why some of the most juvenile blue and striped marlin have been caught in Samoa. This also would indicate that certain seasons we would have large females in the 1000lb class roaming our waters ready to spawn with small male marlin. Why have more people not caught them, because nobody is fishing for them or running gear able to deal with them. People see but most are lost.

We have seen a few and just recently in Nov landed and weighed one that went 1024 lbs. I know if and when Samoa becomes more popular and big game boats begin to fish here more regularly we will see several Granders caught a year and the best thing is I have seen big fish here all year round. If your interested in Grander hunting please specify in your email and we can dictate a trip that best suites you as I have a few spot I believe are the areas where they are congregating, with that being said our latest grander 1024 lb blue was caught only 7 miles from the dock just outside the harbour around a school of yellowfin. They are here and waiting for you the question is ARE YOU READY FOR THEM!!!

Capt Chris

Come enjoy SAMOA fishing on the LEILANI our 37 Merritt with Captain Chris Donato and his crew as featured in-

So for me I always felt it's the experience and atmosphere that makes Blue Marlin fishing so special, there are so many great fishing spots the world over but in saying that i have always had a special love for Samoa and the fishing has always impressed me above other locations. I guess what I'm saying is that although the fishing can be world class at times it's really the beautiful weather,people and calm seas that have made Samoa a place I love to fish. I can't guarantee that you will come to Samoa and catch a Grander but I can guarantee you will have an amazing experience on and off the water and a bunch of fast energetic blue marlin are the icing on the cake. A good day for us would be 8 Blue Marlin but the average day is about 2-3. Of course there are plenty of mahi mahi and tuna, but I’m talking about Marlin

Blue Marlin Fishing Samoa

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Oceanic Sportfishing

A Few bigger Blue Marlin starting to show up on the edge here in samoa, got one early around 200lb then had 3 other little rats picking around but no commitment. Ended the day with a nice Blue well over 600lb that we pulled hooks on after a 15 minute fight. Tomorrow is another day and bigger fish to come in the months ahead--- this is just the very start of our season...... get on and book a trip, find your monster here in samoa! ... See MoreSee Less

21 hours ago

Oceanic Sportfishing

were 2 days into a 4 day charter with our friends from NZ. 2 for 3 on Blue Marlin, with our biggest one pictured here from today at about 400-450 lbs. ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

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Bruce Mackshot boyz go churn!!!!2 days ago

Mitchell TomblesonYeah boys! Epic stuff. Were you asleep again churn ooor?1   ·  2 days ago

Sam HoggMeen boys!2 days ago

The Billfish FoundationLove seeing the TBF/ Pelagic UV shirt during a release2   ·  2 days ago

Juan E De La Fuenteque valientes con el pobre animalito.les gustaría que les enganchen un anzuelo en la boca y los srrastren varios kilómetros para que un abogado mafioso se tome una foto?20 hours ago

JJ RodriguezHector Rodriguez10 hours ago

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Oceanic Sportfishing

Had a fullday today, still a bit slow and early in the season but we picked away at a few and some bigger fish have arrived. Caught 1 for 1 on sailfish and caught 1 for 2 on blue marlin, releasing one in the 500lb class. Psycho Blue ate our right short, came up windshield wiping then proceeded to chase my mudflap teasers right up to the rigger, first time a hooked fish has done that to me. Greedy bugger. ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Trucker Dan OmalleyThat would have been a great video2   ·  2 weeks ago

Gene MedwinJesse Barnes1   ·  2 weeks ago

Jesse BarnesThere is my baby!!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Oceanic SportfishingHi Jesse Barnes congrats on angling this fat fish. Well done!2 weeks ago

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Oceanic Sportfishing

Blue man ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Tom FrancisNice photo!2 weeks ago

Nathan FaberAwesome!!!2 weeks ago

Trucker Dan OmalleyNice job2 weeks ago

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Oceanic Sportfishing

There he is, Left Short!! ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Oceanic Sportfishing

Heres one of my favorite photos that my wife Shannon has taken off our boat. An energetic and fat Blue takes to flight in the south seas. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Oceanic Sportfishing

Have a great weekend everyone! shot of a Little Samoan Blue on the wire. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Oceanic Sportfishing

Samoan Blue Marlin puts it into 3rd gear on the south side. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

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Don KrugerSooooon3 weeks ago

Pele EmelioHavent seen one of those in awhile, you guys must be havin a ball!!!1   ·  3 weeks ago

Greg EdwardsHow is the season going Chris3 weeks ago

Oceanic SportfishingGreg Edwards were off to a bit of a slow start, weathers been crap with the trades still blowing and currents been pushing the wrong way, but despite it we are still managing 2-3 shots a day on the blues but nothing to write home about yet. in a months time the weather should settle and the bite should come right. Hows Tonga going? any yellowfin?3 weeks ago

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Oceanic Sportfishing

thanks to @luisherrera for the photos, here is an old shot of our boat (called 'windsong' at the time ) back in 1963, in Cat Cay, Bahamas I assume in the hunt for giant Bluefin tuna when they still made their Bahama run. Feel blessed to run a boat with such a rich history and list of talented captains behind her. ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

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William Crawford37 Merritt??4 weeks ago

Oceanic SportfishingWilliam Crawford yes its a 37.4 weeks ago

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Oceanic Sportfishing

TBT, here's an old one about 10 years back. My first tournament as captain, just couple young punks in a center console. big RL bite & we hung a fat one for a victory. Nowadays for me this is an avg size fish but back then I remember it being a big deal and a boost for my fishing confidence & career, it was the Samoan record at the time. It's good to look back at where we have come from, to help focus on where were going, the bite the team it's all an epic memory. ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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Daniel CorellaQ bueno man4 weeks ago

Tin MartínezNice4 weeks ago

Josue SalazaradanizGood4 weeks ago

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